Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hi! Welcome to my blog :) as you can see from the title of my name, this is obviously going to be about food. Well i'm a beginner baker and cook so i'm going to just be posting recipes and pictures about what i make (and if it tastes good or not). So read it if you want! Or not.

I don't cook everyday like some people do, but i cook maybe once a week? And probably bake once a month depending on the occasion. I don't have many people in my family so this is probably why. Anyway, my cousin recently came over and we decided to make a pizza. I always make pizza's. They're so good! But we made a kind of weird/different one. Mac and cheese chicken pizza! With ranch dipping sauce. It's very weird and unique so here's the recipe for it (sorry i forgot to take pictures!) And enjoy

2 8 inch Boboli pizza crust
2 cups mozzelerra part skim cheese
Amy's all natural macaroni and cheese
Hormel 100 % natural oven roasted chicken pieces
Light Ranch sauce

-Prepare Macaroni and cheese according to directions.
-After it's done, divide it, and spread it evenly on both pizza crusts. Put as many chicken pieces as you wish on it and sprinkle it with the mozzelerra cheese.
-Bake for 9 minutes on oven rack.
-Let cool for 5 minutes, put ranch off to the side and enjoy!


  1. Hey!, I seen your post on Yahoo! Answers. I said I'd share it with everyone I know. A link to your website is now on my family's website at the link when you click on my name(http://www.strangebutfunny.net/) my name its titled "The Adventures of a Blonde Baker" in the left side of the website.