Sunday, August 15, 2010

Review: Ben and Jerry's half baked frozen yogurt

I was really excited to try this. I love all things that are not baked. Like cake batter and cookie dough. I couldn't find the original half baked ice cream so i just decided to try the frozen yogurt. After all, the picture made it look so good! It looked like there was a lot of brownie and cookie dough chunks in there, which i love. So how did it taste? Well.. you could tell that it was frozen yogurt but it still tasted pretty good. But i was a bit disappointed by the lack of brownie and cookie dough chunks. I thought they would at least be all at the top but there wasn't much chunks in the entire container. Overall, i would have it again but i think there are better things out there.
Rating: 3/5


  1. Hm, sounds good. Although, I like to add my own cookie pieces to my frozen yogurt/ice cream!

  2. Yes good idea! I've been disappointed by the lack of chunks in my blizzards/ice creams and i thought hey.. i can just buy chocolate ice cream and make my own!