Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yoplait Light Boston Cream Pie Yogurt: A review

I love Yogurt. I used to hate every type of yogurt because i thought it all tasted the same but when i saw the Boston cream pie yogurt i knew i had to try it. I love anything boston cream pie related. The pie, the donut, and i even made a version of the cupcakes with chocolate frosting on top and french vanilla pudding in the center.

Well if you want to try Boston Cream pie, then don't get this yogurt. It doesn't taste like it at all. I love how it's very creamy, like the french vanilla pudding but it tastes like a mixture between an overly sweet version of the pudding with some chocolate mixed in. So all in all, i wouldn't try this Yogurt again. Maybe next time if they put less sugar in i'll give it a try.


  1. I agree! This has to be my least favorite flavor. Ick.

  2. I completely agree. It sounded so promising... then .... blech.